Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Outing to The Zoo

At Bright Eyes- We absolutely Love our outings!

And we always make sure to take out littlies out and about at least once a term.

Although the thought behind outings is always based on stimulatory and experiential coping skills and exploratory qualities we always ensure that the challenges of the experiences are rewarded with wonderfully fun times thereafter.

-You may not realise how much there really is to experience in a simple day at the zoo- but for a blind or visually impaired young child the world is not as wonderful as you may think. Most of the time it's pretty scary- and not at all laid out accommodating to our littlies particular needs. But- such is the world> and it would be wrong for us to manipulate environments to suit our children. The world is as it is and our little ones must learn to live in it, and love doing so.  -

Our most recent outing was to Mitchell Park Zoo and Playground.
We walked through the zoo to the hundreds or different animal songs- and, although nervous at first, all the kiddies were intrigued by what they heard.  Monkey shouts, bird squawks, munching, crunching, gruffing, snuffing, chewing . . . the works. We took in smells, sounds and textures- all new and different. Weird and wonderful. And they loved it!

Thereafter we played in the park- an activity which, as usual, calls for full participation- aunties included! So- Aunty Cazz, Aunty Carryn and myself got stuck in and relived our childhood on the swings, seesaw, roundabout and slide (although it was a slightly tighter squeeze then I remember it being 20yrs ago.)

Have a look at our happy snaps.
Love Cally

As always
Waiting for our doorbell to ring and new joys to come in
Love the ladies at Bright Eyes