Monday, 24 November 2014

Bright Eyes visits Ushaka Marine World

This was a most wonderful day for our little ones!
Following our Sea world classroom theme, we made our annual Bright Eyes visit to Ushaka marine world on Friday 14th November and were so happy to be apart of this magical experience for our little kids.Upon arrival we were treated by some unusual creatures- a fat slimy frog, a big lazy lizard and 2 large snakes. The children touched them all! To our utter amazement- they were most excited and comfortable with the slithering snake on their laps!We were walked through the aquarium, gazing at the colourfully -lit fish tanks and allowed to touch and explore a giant turtle shell, the sharp teeth of a shark's jaw and "all hands into" a tank of sucking prawns- which sparked much giggling.A real high point was getting to meet and touch Mr Seal, who gave little Thobe a big wet fishy kiss!Afterwards, we were treated by KZN Society of the Blind, Bauman House, to a wonderful lunch, followed by a walk on the beach and quick play in the waves
The day couldn't have gone better!
We would like to send a huge thank you to Ann Kunz and her staff from Ushaka for the wonderful experience and the patient manner with which they reached out to all our children. The holistic experience the children were able to benefit from was excellent. thank you.

As always
waiting for our doorbell to ring and new joys to come in

Cally, Carron and Corne

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thobelani Gets Glasses :)

Yesterday was a very special day for us all as we took little Thobelani for his follow up eye appointment with Joanne Kallil.

Thobelani was recently fitted for his first pair of prescription lensed glasses, courtesy of Joanne herself,  and yesterday was our opportunity to see how he was doing so far.
We are so thrilled to be able to say that Joanne was "blown away" by his progress since his last visit and amazed by the level of improvement we were able to achieve with him.

It was a wonderfully positive visit and we are so excited for his future.

These are the moments that make our daily work so worth while- we couldn't be happier.

To Joanne, one of the Angels we have met in this field, we cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your gift to Thobe, and your continued support for what we do.
Thank you so much.

-Joanne Kallil-

Joanne Kallil Optometry
(with a speciality in low vision)

with love
Cally, Carron and Corne

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Article on us in Mums Mail mag

Bright Eyes Gets a Mention

We are super excited to have been interviewed some time ago for an article which appeared in last month's Mums Mail magazine. We are always very happy and grateful for any press mentions we get and so we couldn't have been more delighted to see our little story in print.
I hope it will reach the necessary people and will aid us in our constant mission to improve the possible futures of the young blind and visually impaired children of natal :)
here's a copy of the article.

As always
waiting for our doorbell to ring, and new joys to come in.
Cally, Carron and Corne

Outing to The Animal Farm

Last friday :3rd October, Bright Eyes made their annual visit to the Flag Animal Farm for some sensory fun. Having just completed our Animals and Farming Theme- we were keen to give the kids some physical and sensory experience of what they have been learning about. The day was a huge success. The children loved it! A big thanks to the lovely staff of the farm for taking the time to give the children an appropriate touch experience.
Here are a few pics from the day :)

As always
waiting for our doorbell to ring 
and new joys to come in

Cally, Carron and Corne

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bright Eyes Outreach Day- June 2014

Bright Eyes was proud to host a play-date day last month with the little ones currently schooling at Bauman House- KZN Blind Society.The day was a great success and the children loved it!Weldone to Cazz and Corne for organising this lovely little play session :)just a few Pics below

New Tech for VI kids

*Great Technology for Visually Impaired kids*

We recently stumbled across a company, based in the UK, that sells a wide arrange of adapted toys and great computer hardware and software specifically for vi people and kids.They are also willing to ship  their products Globally- if you contact them directly :)We found some lovely computer software for little ones- including talk games, low vision games and learning programmes.Their toys are also adapted using touch buttons, which look great. To any mum’s looking-try:

Please remember to let us know what you found and how it all went.

as always
waiting for our doorbell to ring- and new joys to come in
Cally , Carron and Corne