Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bright Eyes Outreach Day- June 2014

Bright Eyes was proud to host a play-date day last month with the little ones currently schooling at Bauman House- KZN Blind Society.The day was a great success and the children loved it!Weldone to Cazz and Corne for organising this lovely little play session :)just a few Pics below

New Tech for VI kids

*Great Technology for Visually Impaired kids*

We recently stumbled across a company, based in the UK, that sells a wide arrange of adapted toys and great computer hardware and software specifically for vi people and kids.They are also willing to ship  their products Globally- if you contact them directly :)We found some lovely computer software for little ones- including talk games, low vision games and learning programmes.Their toys are also adapted using touch buttons, which look great. To any mum’s looking-try:

Please remember to let us know what you found and how it all went.

as always
waiting for our doorbell to ring- and new joys to come in
Cally , Carron and Corne