Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thobelani Gets Glasses :)

Yesterday was a very special day for us all as we took little Thobelani for his follow up eye appointment with Joanne Kallil.

Thobelani was recently fitted for his first pair of prescription lensed glasses, courtesy of Joanne herself,  and yesterday was our opportunity to see how he was doing so far.
We are so thrilled to be able to say that Joanne was "blown away" by his progress since his last visit and amazed by the level of improvement we were able to achieve with him.

It was a wonderfully positive visit and we are so excited for his future.

These are the moments that make our daily work so worth while- we couldn't be happier.

To Joanne, one of the Angels we have met in this field, we cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your gift to Thobe, and your continued support for what we do.
Thank you so much.

-Joanne Kallil-

Joanne Kallil Optometry
(with a speciality in low vision)

with love
Cally, Carron and Corne

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