Saturday, 21 November 2015

A personal post: Saying Goodbye

We say "Good bye" often at Bright Eyes.

We bid farewell to our little ones when the time comes for them to leave us and move onto the next phase in their education and life. 
We've gotten a little better at it as time goes on but it never comes easily.
It's always a day of so many different emotions; we're excited for their prospects, nervous for their future challenges and filled with immense pride for what they've (and we've) achieved so far. Mostly though, we feel terribly sad.

Because there is so much time, patience, planning, work, effort and passion going into our interventions with each child- we really feel their presence and their little spirits in our house. 
We love them,

Saying 'Good bye" is always hard, it takes a few weeks, and months, for us to recover and move forward- and still, for years after they've left, little things will still bring them to the front of our thoughts. 
We feel their energies, somedays more than others.
In some ways we have a house full of ghosts.

I often wonder where we exist in the minds of our past littlies. How much of us will they remember and where do we sit in the story of their lives?
For our part- we remember everything; the first day they sat up by themselves, smiled at us, rolled over, learnt to crawl, cut with scissors, put on their own shoes. 
We remember it all.

At Bright Eyes our motto has always been- to always look ahead, keep moving forward. Imagine possibilities, aim for ideals and keep looking forward to what may be. Remembering the children that have passed through our house is the only time we look back.

saying 'goodbye' to one of our children means something else to us- it means we've helped a child achieve what they needed to in order to move forward. 
It's an accolade. A sad one for us- but an accolade all the same.

We have been privileged to have said 'goodbye' to many children over the passed 6 years and we remember each one completely.

We are full of history. And full of futures. And full of Goodbyes. 

-a personal post