Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A closer look. Volunteer: Angela

Spotlight on :

Yoga Blind's; Angela

“there is something that we can all do to make a difference in somebody’s life.”

Angela is an unusual spirit; working in the demanding industry of eventing means she has had to learn how to balance her life, mind and body to preserve herself. Physical exercise is a huge part of her life- Angela believes in the importance of finding ones centre and spending time really connecting with mind and body. Yoga is her chosen path to feeling connected and rested. 

Angela is our Yoga Blind instructor at Bright Eyes; happily devoting her time and passion to teaching both visually impaired and blindfolded sighted participants. 

Yoga Blind is an innovative new project, the first of its kind- challenging both sighted and visually impaired people to try something a little unusual and find new ways of really connecting with the potential of one’s body. “I like a challenge” says Angela; 

  “Yoga teaches the mind to read the body, and allows the body to prove to the mind what it is capable of.”  

At Bright Eyes; we love her thinking. Teaching the mind about the body’s capabilities by allowing the body to try, succeed and learn is a huge part of educating our low vision little ones- building their confidence and self esteem through their experiences. Yoga, as Angela says: "is about turning our attention inwards,” “shutting out concerns of judgement and self judgement.”

The sad truth that exists is that the world is not equipped to incorporate visually impaired people as it should be- initiatives like Blind Yoga put a light on the lack of facilities and programs available and encourage people to ‘walk a while in another shoes.’

“It is also good for the visually impaired to know that people out there are committed, dedicated, and wanting to support and assist where possible.”

When asked about Bright Eyes and the work we do, Angela says:
“It is Fantastic!
The ladies that I have had the fortune of interacting with have been nothing but enthusiastic, passionate and committed to their cause, and work, and I especially love the fact that they go out of their way to teach the kids that they do not have to live confined in these barriers that society in general places on them.  They give the kids the confidence to go out there and live their lives to the fullest.” 

We owe Angela the biggest most heartfelt thank you for her amazing work and continued support here at Bright Eyes.

To everyone out there: Angela has this wonderfully positive message to share:

"Get involved! Get busy living, and do not take your minds and bodies for granted!"

Monday, 23 April 2018

A Fantastic Family Day

Bright Eyes Family Day

There is nothing so wonderful as having all our families in one place, enjoying each others company and sharing their stories. On Saturday; 21 April, we had the pleasure of hosting Bright Eyes families for a bring and share picnic in Dbn Botanic Gardens. It was a time for all our parents to meet each other, spend time with their children and connect with the Bright Eyes Family. The children LOVED it, as did we.

Here are some of our pics of our lovely families


Bright Eyes strives to be a place of hope and a haven of care and support- along with that is our desire to provide parents with the support and connectivity they need too. Family Days (amongst others) are our way of doing this. We look forward to our next one.